Uncle TreY Samples The “Living Single” Theme For “Just Living”

It’s so difficult for a theme song from a great show to be sampled. Sometimes you have to get the right producer for the job and for Pennsylvania’s Uncle TreY that producer is Gold Haze. TreY has him sample the “Living Single” theme for his latest single “Just Living”. This record features singer Mariam on the chorus who lays down lovely harmonies that match beautifully with the horns.

TreY says that this record is an “ode to those who are looking for nothing more than to live life on their terms”. In your 20’s you think you have everything figured out and then life slaps you in the face really hard making you realize that you don’t know a damn thing. Then you hit your 30’s and start to see how you were so wrong about everything in your 20’s. This makes you learn from those mistakes and live life the way that you want to live it. We get so caught up in living life for others that sometimes we forget that we have to live life on OUR terms and for what we want. Are you doing that?


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