Vinny Virgo Wants A “House On The Hill”

Over the last few months I’ve become a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. I discovered him from someone at my job and it gave me a motivational boost to go after the things that I want in life. Gary Vee preaches one thing over and over about achieving your goals and that is everyone WANTS things but nobody wants to put in the WORK to get them. I bring that up because the chorus on this new Vinny Virgo record made me think about those Gary Vee videos and how it’s true. We all want things in life but are you willing to die for them to achieve them?

Virgo comes to us from Los Angeles with this record that was originally premiered on Noisey’s Beats1 show. Produced by Chester Watson, this one dropped on Halloween and the artwork mixed with the eerie vibes make perfect sense for that day. Virgo brings a laid back flow for this record but he’s very commanding with it. He sounds like a seasoned hip-hop veteran on “House On The Hill”. Use this record as motivation to reach the goals you want for your career. I know I’ll be using it for sure.


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