Pope Adrian Bless Opens Up About Depression On His “Suicide Radio” EP

This week I talked about artists not opening up and being vulnerable in their music with my review of Pavy’s Me, by Jonathan McCoy album. The majority of music that you hear today is fake but there are a few artists who put their mind, body, and soul into the very music they make. Pope Adrian Bless is one of the few and he lets it all out with his Dave Jeff assisted Suicide Radio EP.

Pope, who suffers from bipolar disorder and depression, isn’t shy about using it to influence his music. He knows he has a voice and that maybe by him acknowledging his situation that he could possibly help someone who’s going through the same thing. Pope and Dave Jeff make for a fantastic combination on this four track EP. Jeff’s stripped down production provides Pope the canvas he’s been looking to transition to for years. He’s been wanting to go in a darker route with his music and this was the perfect opportunity to make that jump.

While this project is short, just 15 minutes in length, you get to see a side of him you’ve yet to see. He’s still lyrical and commanding on the song like a pitcher who’s throwing 95MPH fastballs after Tommy John surgery but there’s honesty in his music. He’s willing to share a piece of him in hopes that it can help you and help himself as I’m sure this serves as a sort of self-therapy for him to cope with his issues. You can hear him talk more about this project with Cam Quotes here and stream the project below. As he says in the interview, there will be more new music over the next couple of months so get used to the Owl God in the fourth quarter.


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