What’s On My Mind? 11/10/16

I get a lot of submissions in the email each week. Here lately it’s been difficult to keep up with but I wanted to keep giving the music a listen and supporting it. I’ve done playlists in the past that celebrate my favorites from the week but this one will be different. Every Thursday afternoon I’ll curate this playlist of some of the best songs in my email so you can still get your indie hip-hop fix.

Don’t mistake this for posts going away. I’ll still do music posts but I want the direction of the site to be writing focused so when the music makes me feel something, I’ll make sure to go into detail about it. This week’s playlist features stances on politics (AxJ’s “Trump Card” freestyle), social injustice (TruthCity’s “Everything Black”), some turn up with Metro Boomin’ (Fa$t Life’s “NA$CAR”), and even a record that deals with bi-polar/depression (Pope Adrian Bless’ “Green Apple Gatorade”). I hope you can find some joy from this playlist to make up for the crappy week that we’ve had to endure starting this past Tuesday.


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