J. Draughon Makes His Triumphant Return On “Special Delivery”

For an artist that’s inspired by the likes of Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and other legendary acts it, it can be tough listening to music now days. While I think lyrics matter to some, if it doesn’t have a dope beat and a repetitive chorus then many can’t listen to it. If you’re in that minority where lyrical content matters, you’re in the right place as North Carolina MC J. Draughon returns to the microphone.

Draughon, like any other human, had some personal issues that has kept him away from creating new music over the last couple of years. He feels strong and confident now, ready for the world to hear what he’s been scribbling in his notepad for quite some time. The first offering is the Jay Illustrate produced “Special Delivery”.

The beat sounds vintage with its keys and kick drums while Draughon sounds right at home. He drops a nice set of bars describing himself with all of the characters of The Addams Family, keeping his grizzly voice in line with the melody of the keys before a G-Dep sampled hook comes in to fill the gap. Draughon gets busy in his own way and while there’s still room for growth, you’ll be able to appreciate his lyrical display for his return record. Look for a couple more tracks to premiere late next week if you’re digging his style on “Special Delivery”.


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