On My Mind 11/17/16

To see the support for the first playlist in this weekly series was so awesome. Most of the artists that were featured supported and I even had some non-music makers enjoying the playlist as well. I’m thankful for that. When you tinker with things people don’t respond well because change is weird for some people.

Next week I’ll have the playlist moved up a day so it doesn’t fall on Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, your Grandma isn’t asking you to pass the aux cord after you pass her the canned cranberry sauce. Unless you have a cool Grandma. In that case you might want to give her the aux cord.

This week’s playlist features some ambient sounding tracks at the beginning courtesy of GT Exsquisite, Bry, and FortBowie. If you’re in the mood for lyrical content that will make you think, I have some for you from MC Bravado, Benny Starr, and Gee$. If you’re just looking to dumb out then Fa$t Life’s “Vice” will do the trick. Like, share, and let me know your thoughts on this week’s selections.


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Miss this week’s Indie Artist Advice? You can watch the replay of them all here


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