Myze Tackles The “Almost Impossible” With His Latest Project


  • “Rain In Paradise”
  • “Second Nature”
  • “Amy”

Being a music artist is tough in this social media era. Journalists, bloggers, and fans all tell artists to find their own sound. Then when artists find that sound, the same journalists, bloggers, and fans tell them to switch it up because they’re bored of it. Finally when the artist does that, those same people will say that the artist has sold out and is chasing a mainstream style. If you’re an artist in this era I have a lot of respect for you. As a writer, I know the difficulties of creating and pondering, “what if people hate it? What if they don’t respond”? (It has taken me a good 10 minutes to finish this paragraph because of it). I know how tough it can be to make yourself vulnerable in an artform that requires you to either be fake or be real. That’s why it’s always refreshing to me to hear an artist who doesn’t box themselves into one style and is able to create a little bit of everything. Chattanooga, TN’s Myze is one of the few indie artists I’ve heard this year that was able to do this and the results were grand for him.

Creativity is about exploring sounds and paths that have never been explored by yourself before. It’s the reason why artists love a blank canvas. To you it’s just a blank piece of paper that you can draw or scribble on. To an artist or a writer, this is where they get to bring their ideas to life. Myze explores the Almost Impossible with 10 tracks that he produced, mixing emotions, singing, and eclectic production to bring his vision to life.  While not all of his singing is up to par he does have great melody and cadence with a song like the opening “Rain In Paradise”. The topic suggests that no matter how happy you are there will be hiccups in your relationships even though he masks it well with gentle strings and thumping drums.

Myze is still growing as an artist (he’s only 21) so there are parts of this project that need more polishing, such as the simple hook of “save the drama for your mama” on “No Drama”. What’s surprising is that a 21 year old has an ear for production that speaks to your emotions. A song like “Rain In Paradise” is somber while “U Get” is uptempo and has a dance floor feeling to it. He uses his production to hide the serious nature of his lyrics as “U Get” is a song that speaks on only getting one true love in life and savoring that love.

While Almost Impossible is a solid project sonically, it goes through the ups and downs of life in the lyrics. Myze knows that there are days where life can feel like it’s over. He knows that there are triumphs and there are falls of despair. Maybe you’re listening to this project at your job debating quitting because you’ve had enough or maybe you’re pondering ending a relationship that you feel is getting stale. Life is about ups and downs and having a perfect life is ultimately impossible. For Myze being as young as he is and recognizing this, that speaks volumes to the artist and person that he is becoming. I said there are areas of this project that needed work. With his future projects I don’t think there will be any areas of improvement as long as he stays true to being a good human and putting that in his music.

Purchase Almost Impossible Here


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