What’s On My Mind? The Best Singles From This Week

Well, now we only have a few more shopping days before Christmas is here. I swear the older I’ve gotten the faster the year has gone. Can’t wait until I’m that 50 year old who the kids think isn’t hip until I start playing something dope they don’t know anything about. Yes I’ll be the person who says, “what do y’all kids know about this Future?!” and I’ll say it proudly.

I’m excited for you to hit play on this week’s playlist. While it’s shorter than the previous ones, coming in at seven songs, I think the quality will be enough to make you hit replay and listen to it all over again.

Heat this week comes from Canada with Arys Dejan celebrating staying alive with “Glasses High”, New York’s TwonDon giving Wale the flowers while he can still smell them on “Letter To, Folarin (Wale)”, K1NG ELJAY emptying his thoughts into “Empty Journals III”, and more.


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Miss last week’s? Catch up here.


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