Houston’s Deezy Da Duce Tells Us “Where I’m From” On This JHMF Premiere

When I first started working in the hip-hop community I had ambitions of putting my city and state on the map. My home state of Indiana has yet to have an artist come and breakout like many other parts of the midwest did, like Bone Thugs in Cleveland, Nelly in St. Louis, or Common, Twista, and Kanye in Chicago. I always wanted to be the go to person, the guy shouting some crazy radio station call letters on a hit song that was blowing up from my home state (hint: radio dials don’t have even numbers after the decimal so when you hear people shouting those you know they’re fake).

Houston, TX was an area that I remember seeing blow up when I started college. Houston has its own scene that supports itself, which is amazing, but they hadn’t had a big break until the mid-2000’s. When Swishahouse broke, all hell broke loose which ironically happened to be the name of the compilation that DJ Michael “5000” Watts put the “Still Tippin’ (remix)” on. Since then we’ve been waiting on the next big Houston artist to blow to no avail (Sorry Kirko Bangz).

That doesn’t mean there aren’t talented artists from the capital of chopped & screwed music. Deezy Da Duce is on a mission to let us know that with his “Where I’m From” video. The Chase Racc$ produced record will make you nod your head while you hear Deezy’s southern accent flow on the track. Deezy doesn’t sugarcoat anything as he shows you his city while rhyming about the trap, police, and getting down and dirty with those slandering Beaumont.

The video for “Where I’m From” was filmed and edited by Trill Art who did a great job of telling Deezy’s story while showcasing parts of the city at the same time. We see Deezy rapping in front of the camera a lot but he mixes in emotion with hand gestures, facial expressions, and footage of him playing with his daughter in his kitchen. This record comes from his Who Better? mixtape that was released in October.

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