Philly’s Purple Dialect Takes Us On A Sample Filled Journey On His New “Leaves” Album

One of the things I love about hip-hop is finding out that an area has a different style and sound to it. Philadelphia has had some amazing hip-hop artists in the likes of The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, The Roots, and lately Meek Mill. The eclectic nature of that list only shows that there are multiple sounds in Philly, a tradition that holds true in 2016. On the indie circuit you have artists like PNBRock making noise as well as Corey Lee. They have different styles too which makes it even better for the city. While they both lean to what’s popular right now you also have producer/MC Purple Dialect that’s on the opposite end of the spectrum.


Dialect has released his Leaves album today via Philly label US Natives and I have the honor of premiering it. The 15 track (16 if you count the instrumental to “Bells”) displays a different side of the City of Brotherly Love. PD chops samples while taking you on a mellow journey of what’s going on in his head. Some people are good at explaining things while others are good at showing the thoughts in their head. Purple Dialect is good at the latter.


Fans of boom-bap and classic sounding hip-hop are going to love this project. PD doesn’t stray from his sound one bit, his puns are nice, his features are all great lyrically, and the production shines. He’s a hip-hop purist, as his lyrics at the beginning of “Ventroduction” featuring Darko The Super get that point across (“I’m on my front porch screaming at kids as cause they’re mastering they mixtapes with cell phones and s**t”). You won’t find anything ground breaking on this project but if you appreciate hip-hop and love to hear samples flipped with some solid drums, you’ll love Leaves from Purple Dialect.


Get in touch with Purple Dialect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let him know how you like his project.


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