Put Your Family On To New Music At Christmas Dinner With This Week’s “On My Mind”

We’ve almost made it. Christmas is this Sunday. Fantasy football playoffs are almost over. You’re probably slacking at work right now as you’re reading this. That’s absolutely fine, I’m doing the same thing trying to post this. The last couple of weeks of the year are made to relax and take it easy. Your boss won’t care if you’re slacking because he or she is doing the same thing.

This is the perfect time of year to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in 2016. Think about everything that has happened to you and all of the things you wanted to do. Did you meet your big goal? If not that’s ok. Write it down and keep trying to reach it in 2017. Goals take time and patience to reach. If you watched my Periscope from last night you know it took me three years to finally get to the city I wanted to be in. There’s no shame in working on them for multiple years. It makes it that much sweeter when you finally reach it.

This will be the last playlist of 2016. I’ll be preparing to bring you great content in 2017 over the next few days and I’m excited for things to take off. So while you’re driving to go see your family for the holiday, take a listen to some lyrical tracks from Ben Kerns, Taiyamo Denkuand MeRCY. Or you could turn up and have some fun with music from BaegodSbvce or cruising around with Kris Tru. These are my favorites from the inbox and around Soundcloud for this week. I can’t wait to see you win in 2017.


Miss last week’s playlist? Catch up here

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