Acapella Closes Out 2016 With An Anthem To Start 2017, “Pay Me Watchu Owe”

This is it. This is the last post of 2016 for JHMF. No worries, I’ll be plotting and writing next week to get 2017 jump started the right way.¬†Acapella text me last night asking if I wanted to premiere a new joint for him today and I’m always happy to hear new music from him. This record was finished just hours ago so it’s fresh out of the oven and the aroma of it is delicious.

Being an indie artist can be tough. Everybody want’s the hookup when it comes to your craft. If you mention payment for anything this is how you can tell who’s serious about working and who isn’t ready for that commitment. I’m not bashing anyone who isn’t ready to pay either. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and think we can get work done for free in this industry. There’s a reason it’s called the music business and that gets lost in the shuffle of “working together” for some people.

This mellow self-produced record sees Acapella creating a slogan for himself and for other indie artists in 2017. Know your worth and value in this industry. If you’ve put in years of work mastering your craft, you have the right to charge for something. Everybody deserves to make money off of their art and Acapella is one of those people. “Pay Me Watchu Owe” is food for thought and is a good way to take us into 2017.


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