Nicey Most Likely Creates A Moment On “Solstice”

Artists of this generation are obsessed with quantity over quality. I think one of the main reasons they are is because they saw their idols doing it so they think they can do it as well. The only issue is many of these people don’t have the same quality of songs as their favorites, like Curren$y or Lil’ Wayne, to drop music on a regular basis. Personally I love when an artist goes and studies music so they know what kind of sound they want to come back with next.

Orlando, FL’s Nicey Most Likely has been doing that for the last 18 months as he’s stacked up a nice amount of songs he’s written for other people. Nicey is looking to become a songwriter and wants to write songs for every artist in the Orlando area. At the listening session for Solstice last night he said he has written about 150 songs, three songs a piece for each artist in the area. The point of this project is to showcase his ability and range as a writer.

Nat Hernandez (host) & Nicey Most Likely At Solstice Listening Session, January 8th, 2017

What you will experience on these four songs are rapping, energy, smooth melodies, and reminiscing. Nicey shows his range by giving us this brief sample of his work. “1-900-1ST PLC” lets us hear Nicey give us his spin on a familiar Jay Z sampled song as he spits bar after bar to keep up with the beat. “Like Pronto” is one of the standouts as Nicey gets crunk and creates a hype record that can ring off in the club. Things slow down on the Gabriel and Jocelyn Rachelle featured “Whistles” as you’ll recognize the Drake sample that producer CLASSIXS brought to the table. By far my favorite record is “Holiday Thoughts”, a song that features John Q and Mave. The reason this is my favorite is because of the story telling, the concept, and the fact that I saw Mave do three different versions of his verse and they were all amazing at the studio session.


Listen to the project above and if you’re interested you can purchase a sweatshirt with the logo on it. These are limited stock and going for $40. To purchase you can contact Nicey on Twitter.



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