Creative Videos Only 1/10/17

2017 is going to be the year that we bring music videos back and make them fun again. No more videos with artists rapping in front of a camera in a studio or videos that aren’t entertaining. During my time off around the holiday’s I sat and wondered how we can make this happen. The only solution I have is directors need to be honest with artists and tell them that their vision sucks sometimes. I think directors need more creative say and also more creativity.

One of my favorite video directors out now is Funny Julius (or J. Stukes). He has creative vision and can make anything look cool, even an artist rapping with his friend on the roof tops of a New York City building. I’m not saying every single video has to have a storyline but give us something fun to watch instead of you rapping in your basement with your two friends in the background.


Videos for the first edition of this series in 2017 come from Frankie J, E. Nigma, Jus Oand Kwoat. You may remember Frankie J from the early 2000’s and he came out of nowhere to end 2016 with this cool video for “I Promise You”. The concept revolves around a wedding day and shows the behind the scenes happenings that go on in one of your most beautiful days ever.

E. Nigma takes us on a ride through New York on a brisk fall afternoon with his video for “G’Morning”. This Reid Arnstein directed video shows off some graffiti and what it’s like to rap and be stuck in New York traffic (spoiler: traffic doesn’t look fun). My favorite video from this group is Philadelphia, PA’s Jus O. He goes semi-Brady Bunch and partially meta as he shows us two sides to life: how people look at you when you have money vs how they look when you don’t have anything.

Lastly, I found “TOAST” by Kwoat from my friends at Upcoming Hip-Hop last week. The song gets hype once the hook drops and there’s an abundance of dancing and fire to be seen. Yes, people are setting things on fire in the video and it’s awesome.


Want to submit your video to be featured on this playlist? Send it to with “Creative Videos Only” in the subject line.


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