It’s A New Year And You Deserve New Music With “On My Mind”

It always feels good to come back and have some great music to listen to after a long break. I love getting back to posting because I always feel refreshed and ready to take on the world after the holiday season is over. The end of 2016 brought about a change in direction for JHMF and I appreciate you for continuing to support myself and the indie hip-hop that I post on a weekly basis.

With each playlist that I curate I try to find a balance of songs that I like and that you will like as well. You can’t have too much of one type of sound or it starts to run together. I always want to give you a handful of hype songs, a few conscious songs, and a few creative songs as well. This week’s playlist covers all of those and I’m excited as it’s the first one for 2017.

Highlights from this playlist include the pop sounding “Conversations” from Joey Burbs, the thought provoking “Matadors” from Uncle TreY, the 80’s sounding “Money” from Tommi Waring Mike SB, and a nod to the roots of hip-hop with Acapella’s “Alladat (Jazz)”. Give it a listen above and thank you for your support of indie hip-hop.


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