Lam Doesn’t Think It’s Too Cold For “Jeep Music” Right Now

Where I’m from it’s cold this time of year. Not “grab your jacket” cold, more like “you have to bundle up like Randy from A Christmas Story just to stay warm” cold. I still remember walking from my office on campus at Indiana State to my car in the bitter January winter thinking, “this is some bulls**t”.  Moving to the South was one of the best decisions of my life; moving to Florida last year was the best decision. I walked around on my lunch break earlier this week with no jacket and broke a sweat.

I realize I got off of topic but that was all a setup to introduce you to Delaware’s Lam. I know it’s extremely cold in the Northeast right now but that isn’t stopping him and fellow artist Dennie The Great from making a song about bringing the Jeep back in style.


“Jeep Music” is a smooth record that requires you to bob your head as Dennie takes flight on the first verse. “Y’all were screaming money over b*****s I was gettin’ both” he exclaims right before hitting the tomahawk dunk in traffic. The chorus is dedicated to the idea of being so dope that Lam. and Dennie can bring the Jeep back in style and make it popular to drive again. If Dennie’s style is above the rim, like vintage Vince Carter, Lam. has the flashiness of Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving on the second half of the song. Each line he drops is pretty and sets up the next like a CP3 3-on-2 fast break (“and I’m back to spittin these crack flows/back to whippin’ these back roads/back to rap I got a knack for that so I’m back to rippin’ these tracks though”).

“Jeep Music” is a record that you can play for fun right now but the potential of it will be unlocked as soon as summer hits. It’s a song that you’ll want to play as you’re cruising around your town on a late night ready to party. Listen below and tell me what you think in the comments.


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