The Best Indie Songs Of The Week Are “On My Mind”


I don’t know about the start to your 2017 but mine has been amazing. I appreciate everyone who’s listened to the first playlist from the year last week. If you missed out on that, you can catch up here. I’m excited for some things I have planned this year and a special Artist Advice that I have coming up. Details on that soon.

There is always an eclectic mix of songs that make their way to my inbox every week. I’ve finally gotten my email manageable after figuring out what direction I wanted to take the site over the last few months. Hopefully this allows me to listen to more of your music in the near future.

“On My Mind” has something for everybody and this week is no exception. If you want to party and rage, the first two records from Miles Knight and Fa$t Life will get you in the mood for that. Want to think about life and ponder what you’re doing to make yours better? TruthCity and Alex Aff have you covered with their new records “A Matter Of Time” and “Live Good Pt. II”, respectively. Ab$o The Great provides a hustlers anthem with “MTTM” while Florida’s gabriel sings to us about dating in the 21st century on “i.wish.i.knew”.

Thank you so much for listening this week! If you like what you hear, please share the playlist with your friends and give it a like on Soundcloud. New playlists are released every Thursday so follow me on there to see it first.

Check out last week’s “On My Mind” playlist here


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