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The music industry is a big, powerful beast. When beginning your music career it can feel overwhelming at times. You see your peers getting placements on blogs you’ve been reading for years and feel like you have to catch up. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed by all of it; you don’t have to follow the steps of those around you.

As a music artist there are plenty of opportunities for your music to be discovered. One avenue that can be of use is having your music placed on non-music platforms. These include movies, TV shows, Snapchat influencers, and even non-music websites to name a few. One artist that has taken advantage of this is Nat Anglin. Nat, a Boston transplant living in Los Angeles, released an unofficial anthem for the New England Patriots playoff run titled, “Let’s Go” earlier this month.

The song and video were both premiered via the Gronkowski family website, (Yes, THAT Rob Gronkowski). While the audio has nearly 9,000 plays the video has taken a life of its own, amassing 220K views on Facebook. This doesn’t include the 8,000 views of it on YouTube (all statistics accurate as of January 22nd, 2017).

I spoke to Nat about the marketing of this song and why he thinks it has done so well compared to other music he has released in the past:


Your Boston sports fandom is always on display via social media. What made you decide to create an anthem for the Patriots playoff run this season? Was it something you decided last minute or had this been in the works?

Nat Anglin: Honestly I had the song written last year sometime in the spring. I was going through beats for my last album Welcome To BosAngeles and one of them I really loved but it didn’t quite fit on the album. When I heard it I felt that it might be a good hype/pump up type song but originally wasn’t sure if it was for the Patriots theme. I had always had the idea of sampling Tom Brady for a hook just because I’m from Boston and I know how much he means to a lot of people with regard to the sport. I’ve always tried to blend music and sports really. I was a baseball player in college and still play with the Irish National Baseball Team (I’m a dual citizen). I thought it was a cool idea and the mood of the instrumental by Chasey Peralta (Boston, MA) really made me feel like I was onto something so I threw the Brady sample on early to see how it would fit and I felt it fit perfectly.



“Let’s Go” is performing really well as a single and as a video, respectively. The song and video were both premiered by GronkNation which is a big deal. Do you believe it’s because of the niche audience you’re catering to? Something else? A mix of both?

NA: I mean yes and no. I think there have been many playoff anthems over the years. There have been a bunch for the Patriots in the years before me (none that blew nationally). If we look back at some other joints this isn’t a new concept. Take Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” for example. Was that written specifically for the Steelers? Even if it wasn’t it doesn’t matter because it took on a life of its own and people really started messing with it during the Steelers’ stretch run that year. Even “We Dem Boyz” by Wiz a few years later was not specifically written for the Cowboys and they were using it as an anthem. I know for a fact Problem’s “My Squad” became the official song of the LA Rams this past season. I think that shit is dope. Problem coming out of Compton wrote a record in the backyard of where the Rams play and now it’s their anthem. I love shit like that. So no I don’t think it’s only because of a niche audience, I tried to write it in a catchy way that could make even a bitter enemy of the Patriots nod to it.

As far as GronkNation I think it’s a mix of both. I believe they became privy to me and my music after my infamous Super Bowl Patriots party break in back in 2015. That story I wrote which basically covered all the true events of that weekend blew on social media for awhile and a lot of sports pundits around Boston heard about it. I know a few writers at GronkNation did too so when I approached them (even though it’s nearly two years later) with the idea they loved it. I also took time to write a smart record that brought out a lot of the Patriots themes without being overtly corny (which can sometimes happen with these type of anthems). I didn’t rhyme every single player on the team’s name with some random shit. I really tried to go for what the Patriots attitude is on the record. I let Brady fill in the chorus. I mean what better way to get people going then allowing the man responsible for so many wins take the reigns?

“My advice for any up and coming artist is work really hard on 2-3 records max.”



Indie artists seem to struggle with getting featured on sites these days. The music landscape is beginning to change in that regard. With the song and video being premiered on a site that isn’t catered to music would you recommend artists look for opportunities like this in the future?

NA: You are absolutely right about the changing landscape. A lot of artists think it’s still 2008 right now and would do anything to get featured on a site. I think it’s important to note that a lot of these sites are only posting artists that are either signed or have relationships with the site in some regard (could be a publicist, a manager, the artist themselves). I’ve made this mistake too. It’s easy to get caught up in. My advice for any up and coming artist is work really hard on 2-3 records max. Push each one until you feel you’ve finally caught something and then you can decide if a project follows up. The landscape has completely changed. Don’t get discouraged if people aren’t posting your music because all it takes is something that catches and then all of a sudden you won’t have any trouble being posted and those same sites that ignored you come knocking.

As far as sites that “aren’t catered to music”, absolutely yes. You want to know how to get paid as a rapper? Write yourself a song and record it and sell it to somebody in TV or film. Watch how much money that can make you or how much recognition that can get you. As far as I’m concerned a lot of these music blogs aren’t really getting you the recognition you think they are. Most of em’ are full of shit and most of them lack traffic. Any site or place that gives you the ability to connect with people or the opportunity to make real fans? Take it. Sports. Film. Music. Whatever. It’s all entertainment at the end of the day. Don’t pigeonhole yourself. GronkNation has a network of over 50,000 followers. I mean Rob Gronkowski’s Facebook page posted my video. That’s a network over a million if you include that. So like … of all those people you gotta assume a vast majority appreciates music in some way, shape or form. So as far as I’m concerned I couldn’t care less if no music blogs post this one.


Will we see you in Houston to crash the Patriots party again this year?

NA: Only way I’m ending up in the fine city of Houston is if the New England Patriots themselves invite me to rock at the party. I’d love to. LOL. I’ve kind of been dreaming about that since my last go round. If not? I’m not going to make it this year (which is heartbreaking not only because of the Patriots but because of the beautiful women of Houston are truly a national treasure). I actually have a bachelor party that weekend for my cousin … so I’ll be in Arizona, like 2015, unless of course Bob Kraft picks up that phone.

Thank you for reading again this week! I also want to thank Nat for taking the time to share his knowledge with what has worked for him recently as an independent artist. These articles will be posted every Monday so make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see when the next one appears. You can also watch Periscope chats on related topics while you wait for the next article. If you have a topic you want me to address, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to talk about it. Email questions/topics to: with “Indie Artist Advice” in the subject line.


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