Creative Videos Only 1/24/17


I don’t want to jinx it but I think this weekly post of videos is working. I know I had nothing to do with it but the Young Thug video for “Wyclef Jean” was amazing. Also, Young Thug had nothing to do with the video. If you haven’t watched it yet, Thug failed to show up to this $100K video shoot so the director got creative and told the story of why it never really happened.

You know the drill. I highlight all of the creative music videos I come across on the indie level over the last week and tell you why they’re dope. If you’re an artist and want to submit yours, I’ll leave my email at the bottom with instructions on how to submit for this weekly feature.

Moosh & Twist take us from rags to riches with all of their friends in the video for “All Of A Sudden”. For many artists, this is the dream; going from washing dishes at a job or washing cars to having business meetings and driving the nice cars they washed. There’s no shame in having a day job. Hell I worked at a Pizza Hut from the time I turned 16 until I was almost out of college at 22. It’s just fun to see the celebration of success once you get to that moment where you get to do your passion as your career.

Chris Shreve is no stranger to the site or to making a quality video. “Catacombs” is from his Twenty Sixteens album and I love that it brings the nostalgic 90’s video vibe to it. You see clips of Shreve rapping in a dark hallway, in a bathroom mirror, and pondering life while out enjoying nature. If this doesn’t speak 90’s music video to you then you should go watch some of the videos because I know you weren’t old enough to appreciate them.

Now that President Trump is going to get rid of all the progress of the last eight years under Obama, it was time for more artists to release their “F Trump” anthems. I like the video for Jae Mansa’s “Keep Going” because to me it signifies that even as a Black man in the United States, you have to keep pushing. Mansa is held captive and tortured the entire video behind a wall with an American flag, leading me to think that’s what this video symbolizes. Originally seen on TripleHQ.

If you would like to submit your video for consideration on next week’s playlist, email with information and “Creative Videos Only” in the subject line to


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