It’s Been A Rough Week. Let The “On My Mind” Playlist Take You Away


I know it’s been a rough week. Things haven’t been going right at the job or maybe you’ve been arguing with your spouse this week. If it wasn’t either of those things, I know it’s been a grueling task to wake up each day and see that we’re one step closer to an all out police state with a nuclear war on the horizon. I won’t get too political here but we have to start looking more into how we can make changes at our state level to get some power back soon.

For me, music is therapy. When I’m having a bad day I can throw on Prince’s Purple Rain album and for those 40+ minutes I’m in heaven. It helps clear up my mood and allows me to refocus. I know these playlists aren’t on the same level of that album but I hope music can take you away and make you happy, even if it’s for an hour or less.

This week’s mixed bag of sounds contains a record from Boston’s M-Dot about a girl who becomes hooked on sex and drugs instead of love, Indianapolis producer/artist Feeray developing an “alternative trap” sound, MeRCY teaming up with Big Twins to drive “Bulletproof Porches”, and Alabama’s K1NG ELJAY addressing those who think his style is one dimensional.

Thank you so much for listening this week! If you like what you hear, please share the playlist with your friends and give it a like on Soundcloud. New playlists are released every Thursday so follow me on there to see them first!

Check out last week’s “On My Mind” playlist here


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