NoFace, Rapper Uses “Wintercoat” As A Metaphor On New EP



  • “Cold (Intro)”
  • “Wintercoat”

Growing up in the Midwest you learn to loathe the winter season. When you’re a kid it’s fun because you get snow days from time to time and you don’t care if you get sick because you get to stay home from school. Once you’re an adult it’s different; scraping snow and ice off of your car before driving to class becomes a hassle. Walking from class to class on campus is annoying because no matter how many layers you wear the wind still cuts through you. I won’t begin to tell you the amount of people I saw on campus at Indiana State wearing flip flops when the temperature was below freezing (you don’t even have to guess their ethnicity, you know this answer).

Winter has always been a time of reflection for me. At the end of each year I write down my goals for the next year and my accomplishments from the current year. It helps to think about where you’ve come from and where you’re going in the big picture. Virginia’s NoFace, Rapper takes a similar approach with music on his latest EP, Wintercoat. The title is a metaphor used throughout the four song project as Face raps about the harsh realities of the world. Earth can be a cold place for some and Wintercoat is commentary on how cold it can get (premiered by Dead End Hip Hop).



Production for this project is handled by Derrick Thomas Jr. as he provides a mixture of head nodding beats that also give you that cold feeling. There are times where the EP feels as dark as it is outside due to parts of songs having the drums removed (the beginning of “Wintercoat” is a prime example). NoFace’s flows and lyrical content are stellar throughout. He shows that he’s capable of reminiscing and sharing part of his childhood on “Cold (Intro)” while also doing some singing on “T1ME”. The versatility on these four songs leaves you wanting more but also satisfies the need for a diverse artist.


One part of the EP I wanted to touch on is the beginning of “Wintercoat”. NoFace shows respect to his grandmother for how he was brought up but he uses this record to address life as a Black male in America. He uses this saying from his grandmother, “go and grab your winter coat” as a metaphor for how cold the world can be. This is a record that addresses social injustices, college loans being a scam, and even the Black Lives Matter movement. It serves as one of his best songs to date and is a high priority for you to listen to once you press play.

The only downfall of the project is “Freezer Burn”. The verses are solid but it’s the chorus that is lacking. For the structure of the song the hook becomes too simple and it leaves you expecting more after stellar flow and lyrics on the verses. Aside from this record the EP is a great introduction if you’ve never heard music from this Virginia artist. Life can be cold if you don’t surround yourself with the right group of people to keep you warm and grounded. NoFace shows on Wintercoat that he was raised by people who loved him and taught him the ways of the world at a young age. That’s all you can hope for in a world that will devour you the minute you become an adult.

Flame Emoji Rating: 🔥🔥🔥
If you would like to purchase Wintercoat, you can do so by heading to NoFace’s Bandcamp and donating any amount you would like. If you’re not into tipping, you can still get it for free by entering a “0”.

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