Dennie The Great Shares Why He Deserves It All On “Pounds”


The music industry is tricky when it comes to supporting people. The same one’s who claim to be in your corner will be the same one’s who get jealous when they see you shining brighter than them. I believe it’s part of the human ego to get jealous when you see someone doing great. This serves as a reminder that you’re not where you want to be in your career. I’m not saying it’s ok to be jealous but it’s an emotion that you can channel to fuel your work ethic to obtain the goals you’re trying to achieve.


Delaware’s Dennie The Great is ready to surpass some artists with how hard he has been working on his new music. Today we’re premiering his new single “Pounds”, a song that will be on his upcoming This Little Light project (also being premiered here). Over a soft melody of keys Dennie flips the script and gets aggressive with his flow and lyrics. He shows a new hunger with “Pounds” as the hard work is beginning to pay dividends for him.

Dennie feels that he’s justified in only showing love to those who support him with evidence on the chorus:”I want everything you f***in’ owe me n***a/I ain’t givin’ out no dap if we ain’t homies n***a”. The confidence in his music is warranted as Dennie is becoming an artist that people are seeking out for paid features. His ability to sing and rap make him a double threat and a good price for whatever you’re looking for to make your song better (he also does graphics in his spare time). He even proclaims to do the opposite of most artists, saying “you be blowin’ money I be stackin’ up” on the second verse.

Want more music from Dennie? Check him out on Soundcloud. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram as well.


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