We Get Lyrical This Week With The “On My Mind” Playlist


We’ve officially made it through the first month of 2017. January always seems like the longest month of the year because we’re all broke from the holiday shopping and it’s usually cold every day. Thanks to our new President though it will be in the 70’s every where next January so at least climate change will help, right?

This week’s playlist is the first in a while where we lean heavily in one direction of the hip-hop genre. I must have been in a lyrical mood when putting it together this week because that’s the theme for “On My Mind” this week. One other thing to note is there are remixed records on this playlist. I’m not a fan of having an artist send me a track that’s not their original work for their first submission but this week I made an exception for a couple of artists.

Boasting the lyrical part of this playlist are KuuLJered Sanders, and the three remixed records from Joey B, Mark Roundtree Jr.and Merlino, respectively. I’ve also discovered some great music from my friend Kels and her “The Tuesday Special” radio show on AllRealRadio.com. Records from OneHunnidt and Adonis appear thanks to her. Finally my favorite of the bunch is from Art Morera as he addresses “The Elephant” in his room, talking about past relationships and life in general. He sings, raps, and presents a vibe that will make you ponder your own transgressions.

Thank you so much for listening this week! If you like what you hear, please share the playlist with your friends and give it a like on Soundcloud. New playlists are released every Thursday so follow me on there to see them first!

Check out last week’s “On My Mind” playlist here.


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