TruthCity Shows Loyalty To “The Family” In Latest Video

 TruthCity - Changes

When I first heard “The Family” from TruthCity last year I had this idea about how the video would look. Sure enough, my thoughts were right. Truth takes us down a dark path with a mafioso theme for this single from his upcoming While You Were Sleeping Album (dropping February 24th).

Premiered via Still Crew (formerly The Smoking Section) “The Family” is directed by Ferrari Xavi and blends elements from all of the best crime movies we’ve come to love. There are shades of The Godfather mixed with Goodfellas throughout as we see TruthCity taking care of business. The portrait that producer Yung Lan paints with his elaborate piano melody to kick things off sets the scene for a true gangster experience.


Truth uses the dark production to take an aggressive tone with all of his foes, stating “talk what you doing not what you finna do/if you’re not with the family I don’t remember you”. We bare witness to him backing up his words as later in the video we see him going off on an antagonist from the beginning of the video. “The Family” video may have a mafioso inspired theme but the content of the song takes aim at lame artists. Truth rhymes in the last part of the video:

“Ya album sound like a demo tape/who the f**k are you anyway/it’s been five years you still a hit away, damn, still a hit away”

If you’re listening to this song as an artist don’t take offense to it. Use it as fuel to get better and become noticed . The “overnight success” phenomenon doesn’t exist in music. To be successful in any craft takes years of hard work and dedication. TruthCity moved to New York seven years ago and is now starting to reap the benefits of his trade thanks to countless nights of believing and working on his craft. I’m excited to hear his album and I hope you are too after watching this video.


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