Fall In Love With The Best Indie Hip-Hop On This Week’s “On My Mind” Playlist


Everywhere you’ve looked on social media this week has been filled with love. It’s a beautiful sight to see especially in this climate where hatred fuels a majority of internet users. If you celebrated the national day of love this week then I’m happy for you. If not? Go shoot your shot. Your significant other could be a direct message away and you don’t even know it.

The same can be said about getting your music heard as an indie artist. Hatred on music seems to fuel the listener’s motives now days and people are attracted to that. It’s rare to see people champion the things they like which is why I love curating these playlists.

I was hoping to find some R&B records to add for this week and I came close. Joey Burbs gives us a pop sounding track about love on “Margarita” and Corey Lee reworks Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” on “Remember”. Of course I don’t leave the hip-hop fans out as lyrical joints come from Kris TruPope Adrian Bless, and Free The Optimus members C. Shreve Mike L!ve


If you’re an artist I’m also curating a playlist for my friends at Zambah. Upload an MP3 here and I’ll listen to it: joehova.zambah.com. Cut off is March 5th and the playlist will be live on March 8th.

Thank you so much for listening this week! If you like what you hear, please share the playlist with your friends and give it a like on Soundcloud. New playlists are released every Thursday so follow me on there to see them first!


Check out last week’s “On My Mind” playlist here


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