Get To Know Hoosier Scott With This Exclusive Interview At Private Stock Studios


One of my favorite things to watch is artist growth and development. As a writer who covers a lot of indie hip-hop I see artists come and go all the time. Some give up on their craft, others move on to bigger things. I’ve known Hoosier Scott since before I rebranded as Joe Hova in 2013. I remember listening to his first project before he did a name change as well and he even sent me a hand written letter to show his gratitude. Things like that show an artist cares about their relationships and fans. I wish this is something more artists would do in the social media era that we live in now.

Scott reached out to me almost a month ago as he was getting ready to release his latest project, Shade Spectrum. He’s been working hard on it for quite some time and the fruits of his labor are about to be shared with the world soon. I’m excited for you to get to know him better with the JHMF Premiere of this interview.

The interview serves as a resume for Hoosier as many people still don’t know him as an artist. With his rebrand it’s a good way to shed light on his name and allows him to answer some questions for any fans or writers that begin discovering him. Hoosier talks about a normal day in his life as he works a day job and does all of his music at night (something I can relate to as well as many others chasing a dream). He also addresses some of his musical influences, leaving a small town in Indiana to live in Chicago, and the things that keep pushing him to make music.


Every artist has a story to tell. I like when artists take off the filter and reveal details about themselves in the way that Hoosier Scott did in this interview. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram to get a better look into his daily life. Shade Spectrum will be released on streaming platforms and available for purchase on iTunes in the near future.


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