The Most Creative Video This Week Comes From M-Dot With “Fugazzi”


The NBA All-Star break is over and I’ve been hearing one complaint about the dunk contest that I can relate to: there isn’t any creativity anymore. This year saw Glenn Robinson III (feeling old yet?) win it with three variations of the same dunk. It’s like when you’re playing a fighting video game and keep hitting Back-Back-A with Scorpion in “Mortal Kombat” to throw his spear and hear him say, “GET OVER HERE”.

I won’t talk about the dunk contest anymore because that’s not why we’re here. I can relate to fans complaints when it comes to music videos though. If you’re spending money to shoot a video that only has you rapping in front of two settings and your friends in the background, I advise you spend that money on something else. Music videos are supposed to add another element to a song. Remember how much of an impact the “Straight Outta Compton” video had for N.W.A.? Or what about the creativity of Jay Z for “Song Cry”? This element is missing in the majority of videos we see today and it’s up to us to hold artists accountable.

Boston’s M-Dot has the most creative video that has appeared in my email this week. “Fugazzi” is a record from his latest album egO anD The eneMy and the video follows a struggling white rapper trying to fit in. The record addresses those who claim a style of life they have no business portraying and the video does a great job of enhancing the experience of the song. Jaysaun and Bam Savage are featured on the record and the former appears in the video. Jaysaun goes as far as holding our white rapper in a headlock while spitting his verse, an impressive feat if I say so myself.


I know there’s some form of irony in me writing about this video but I stand by the creativity of what M-Dot was able to bring to life. His videos are always fun to watch as he’s able to tell stories in more intricate ways with these visual aides. If you like what you see, purchase egO anD The eneMy on iTunes. You can also get a physical version via Underground Hip-Hop.

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