Gabriel Wonders If This Love Is Momentary On “Will u Luv Me Tmro”


Finding love will be one of the most difficult things you experience. There are going to be many times when you think you’ve found it yet it’s not the real thing. Heartbreak helps the process as you figure out what you do and don’t want in a life partner as you go along. No one has the answers on how to find love because everyone is different. We all have different tastes but when you think you’ve found the one, the world stops spinning. Nothing else matters but the happiness of that person for as long as you’re with them.

Gabriel is a couple more releases away from his new She Left Home project and I can’t wait to share it with you. For now we have another premiere with the Reese Burnz featured “Will u Luv Me Tmro”. Just like his previous release, “Neverland/Awake”, this one is mellow with a cloud like feeling on the production as Gabriel sings about possibly having the one.

There’s a somber feeling to Gabriel’s vocals as he ponders if this girl could be the sure thing. It acts as balance for the record; Gabriel is singing about love but you detect an uncertainty in his voice. One thing to note is the way he sings a few bars and then fills in the gaps with a few bars of rhyming, adding a unique touch to the song. Featured artist Reese Burns shows us the other side of love, telling us how he’s driven girls to insanity and tells us a story about the ups and downs of true love.

“Will u Luv Me Tmro” is the second of three premieres that we’ll have leading up to the release of She Left Home. We’ll have one more record in two weeks so enjoy this one now and come back for the final single premiere as well.

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