Follow Gino Along For A Night Of Lust In The “U&I” Video


Imagine yourself leaving your hometown and exploring a huge new city. You find yourself entranced by the lights, the vibe, and the overall feeling you get just driving through at night time. You pull over, wanting to experience the night life and it just so happens you’re in the right area. You get out of the car looking for an experience that you’ll remember for months and actually find it.

Gino does a great job of creating this atmosphere in the video for “U&I”, a single he released at the end of 2016. Directed by a1w0p, Gino shows us what a night of lust feels like as we follow him on this quest throughout the video. The set was built by him and it becomes a sanctuary for his motives with the two ladies featured in the video. We watch Gino and his two companions get lost in the night, drinking from double cups and seducing each other before things become blurry.


The video’s dark nature reflects the sound of this record sonically (produced by wxve). Gino, who wrote the record, tells us a story about the thought of love and being together “until we die”. While this may sound like a great thing, the tone of the song and video suggest otherwise.


Stream “U&I”: Spotify | Soundcloud

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