Trxth, Kiddo AI, and Stige Try Keeping Things On The Low With “Tell No One”


Living in the era of social media has become a hassle for communication. There are so many ways to get in touch with people and it can become a nuisance. “Hey, did you get that email I sent you about our text conversation?” sent in a DM is meta communication and can send someone over the edge (me).  Social media has also made it more difficult for people to keep their privacy. Whether you don’t want to share intimate parts of your life with the world or you’re trying to do dirt, you’re going to end up on that Summer Jam screen at some point.

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Kiddo AI (featured on the 2nd verse & harmonies)

Miami based artist Trxth has a song about keeping your business private in the form of “Tell No One”. This JHMF Premiere has an island sound that masks it’s real message: keeping things on the down low. Produced by Albert Hype, this record features singers Kiddo AI and Stige to add another dynamic to the song.

While you’ll find yourself bouncing to the beat, this song’s message tackles two people who are not only faded but want each other. It gives a whole new meaning to having a side piece. The vocal harmonies between Trxth, Kiddo, and Stige are fantastic and this will be a song that you can play with the windows down while driving to the beach in a few short months. “Tell No One” also showcases great songwriting from Trxth as he shows diversity in his style of lyrical content compared to his past singles.

Stige (featured on the 3rd verse)

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Kiddo AI currently has another single with WRLD and smle titled “Stranded”. You can listen to that here, it’s an electronic based song.


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