Gabriel Pours His Heart Out On “She Left Home”


Drugs, fun, and lust are all part of the young love experience in society today. Many young adults attempt to find love at bars or parties and begin relationships. Often times these people aren’t compatible with each other. In your early 20’s you think you want a long relationship but then life intervenes. Some people can’t give up their partying habits which leads to arguments and ultimately the end of what seemed like a once in a lifetime love story.

Over the course of the past month we’ve had an opportunity learn more about Orlando’s Gabriel through a few premieres. The singer/songwriter has done an excellent job of promoting his She Left Home project and we’re getting the full release of that today. For now though, we have the last premiere which happens to be the title track.

Gabriel’s previous premieres have dealt with the thought of finding love and holding on to it. “She Left Home” explores what it’s like to lose someone as they walk out of your life. Gabriel is backed by a mid-tempo piano melody as you can hear the pain in his voice on each verse. He starts this record off filled with grief:

“I’ma chief this blunt till I’m far away…she call me daddy and I wonder what her father say/xanny family this addiction is a problem”



Somberness can be heard in Gabriel’s voice on the chorus as he realizes what his life has come to every single day. His girl has left him and there’s an emptiness to him as he faces this fact. The melody of “She Left Home” is catchy and the end of the song will have a whistle stuck inside your head all day. It’s one of those that you can start whistling or humming out of nowhere and wonder what compelled you to staring doing it.

If you have enjoyed these premieres for the last month, you’ll really like Gabriel’s She Left Home project. It comes in at seven songs and does a great job of showcasing not only his vocals but his songwriting skills as well. This is one you’ll want to play from start to finish.

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