NoFace, Rapper Revives The Remix With His “Wintercoat” Video



This year I’ve become a stickler when it comes to videos artists submit for the site. I want to showcase the most creative ones but a majority of the videos I receive are just people rapping in front of the camera with their friends. As a blogger, writer, taste maker, or whatever you think I am, I have a responsibility to hip-hop. It’s my job to make sure I highlight music that is great in quality and also showcases a creative side to a person. We live in an era where it’s acceptable to have a style and sound like another artist; it’s my duty to help change that.

Virginia’s NoFace, Rapper released his Wintercoat EP a few weeks ago and received positive feedback (check out my review). The four track project saw Face using the songs as metaphors for life and storytelling, an excellent combination for his art. This week he gets the spotlight in the “Creative Videos Only” segment for his “Wintercoat” single.


Now the first thing you’re going to say after watching a couple of minutes is, “way to contradict yourself, Joe!”. NoFace and director AnkhleJohn save the creativity for the second half of the video so you have to watch for more than 20 seconds (I know, such a weird concept right?). What makes this video creative is NoFace giving us an entire different song for the remix of this record. NoFace has not only taken hip-hop back to the glory days of the 90’s where remixes were completely different counterparts to their originals, but he used his original to market the remix.


The only indication I had of there being something different was by NoFace himself telling me in the email. This is a valued treat for fans and for new listeners as you get a brand new song that can’t be heard anywhere else but by watching the second half of his video. It’s brilliant marketing and the remix is really good as well.


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