Palermo Stone Plans On Turning Heads And Giving “Whiplash” This Year


When you’re young you have a desire for the lavish things you see your favorite artist using or wearing in their video. You think it’s cool to poor Cristal out in a pool full of women or put 26″ rims on a BMW then go do donuts in a parking lot. I’m not shaming anyone, I was trying to put 22’s on a 1995 Mercury Cougar at one point (which now that I drive a Cadillac I could make David Banner’s song come to life).

Last year Pittsburgh’s Palermo Stone flipped his style of music and it has started to pay off. The R.A.R.E. Nation general has taken his team on tours out of the city and is getting set to drop a follow up to HenDawg Millionaire this year. “Whiplash” is the first single release and I get the honor of premiering it today.

The first single from his upcoming Henny Hardaway project, Stone details the life of a stunner with “Whiplash”. Produced by Stay100 this record was made to play while you’re feeling yourself or happy you have some money to treat yourself for the weekend. Hearing “big whips, big cash, give them b*****s whiplash” evokes a joy that is only known while you’re excited and feeling like nothing can stop you. The emotion that Stone puts into this chorus not only shows his artistic growth but lets us know he’s having fun while doing things his way.


You can see there’s more swagger in Stone’s style as well with his press photos. While he’s always been stylish, he’s adopted a more lavish look for the promotion of Henny Hardaway. The white fur speaks wealth and also signifies a newfound confidence in himself, his music, and his team.

Music isn’t the only thing that is being released from the R.A.R.E. Nation team today. The crew have released merchandise including dad hats, shirts, and sweatshirts for Stone and fellow RARE member JKJ. You can checkout sizing, prices, and styles from Upstate by HD.


Palermo Stone Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

R.A.R.E. Nation Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

“Whiplash” on Spotify

“Whiplash” on iTunes



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