Hoosier Scott Looks To Prove His Mother Wrong On “Shade Spectrum”


Last month I posted an interview with Chicago based hip-hop artist Hoosier Scott. I’ve known him since before I re-branded as JHMF in 2013. He was an artist who sent music to my submission folder and stood out to me. One thing I’ll always remember, and appreciate, is he took the time to write a note thanking me for the support of his music while sending me a physical copy. These are things that stand out in building relationships in the music industry.

Since then, Scott has undergone a re-brand of his own and moved to the Windy City. While living in Chicago he has had the opportunity to become part of the music scene, his photography skills earning him the right to capture major label artists Ty Dolla $ign and Juicy J in action. Scott has not given up on his music aspirations and we’re presented with Shade Spectrum as a result.

I’m lucky to have parents who have believed in every thing I’ve ever done in my life. When I told my dad I wanted to do radio as a career he chuckled because he knew how shy I was at the time; he still supported though. However, Scott isn’t as blessed. Family and friends have doubted his passion as a career choice, calling it a “fad” at times. It can be frustrating when those you love the most don’t believe in the things you want to do.


Shade Spectrum is a glimpse into the life of a man who’s trying to break down barriers his loved ones have put up. Look no further than “Remember That”, a song that serves as a reminder to remember those who doubt you while you’re trying to achieve your dreams. Features include frequent collaborator Howie StackzMontee BookerToi, and Joshdotwav. The music on this project will be used by many who are still spending late nights alone, crafting something only they understand. Shade Spectrum is inspirational and looks at how we view relationships with those we love once they don’t support us in our endeavors.


Stream Shade Spectrum: Tidal | Google Play

Purchase Shade Spectrum: iTunes


Hoosier Scott on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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