ANoyd Explores Our Obsession With Social Media In The “Phony Habits” Video

(Featured image via ANoyd’s website)


Just a decade ago many people didn’t have a cell phone. If you did have one the primary use was for calling or texting; social media was still in its infancy. With the explosion of Facebook and Twitter at the beginning of this decade came smartphones along with it. The sole purpose of me getting a Blackberry Curve in 2010 (besides trying to look cool) was so I could monitor my Facebook and Twitter profiles on the go. Now you can’t find a person who doesn’t have a smartphone or a Facebook profile at the very least.

I’m guilty of living my life through social media just as much as the next person. I’ve tried slowing down in the last few months because it has stifled my creativity at times. The negativity we see, and receive, on social media is toxic for many. Connecticut artist¬†ANoyd addresses our social media obsession and explores it visually with his new “Phony Habits” video.


I discovered ANoyd from my friends at Upcoming Hip-Hop.¬†The song proves emotional but it’s the visual aspects that tie everything together. We’re treated in the beginning to a song that we think is going to be about relationships. While this theme holds true for ANoyd’s record, he shows us the negatives of immersing yourself in social media and how it can affect a relationship. As the song goes on we can hear ANoyd swell up with emotion as he knows social media addiction is consuming his life. He wants to break free but just like addiction happens with alcohol, drugs, food, or any item, it’s a hard trance to break from cold turkey.

Addiction isn’t only limited to substance abuse. You can become addicted to anything if you don’t balance it right. I love that ANoyd has used his platform to speak on our obsession with likes and retweet’s because it’s something I feel many people laugh about. I’m not saying to delete all of your social media right now but take some time each day to unplug and enjoy life. It feels freeing when you do.


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