Shinobi Stalin & Marz Mello Show Extreme Patience On “Scumbag Jazz #1” Album



  • “Planet Worth” 
  • “Rat Poison”
  • “Frozen”

Being able to grab attention in this day and age is one of the toughest things you’ll face as an artist. Fans have so many ways to access music that if you’re not marketing your project right, it will be overlooked for the big name releases that are coming out every week. If you’re an artist that is creating great music though, you shouldn’t give up on working it. If you know that it’s something people need to hear because of its message then keep pushing it as long as you can. This helps in building up your fan base and allows you to put new people onto quality music. Remember, always choose quality over quantity.

Orlando’s Shinobi Stalin has done a great job of working his latest project over the past year. Scumbag Jazz #1 An Exercise In Patience was released last summer and has made its rounds in the city as well as on the internet. The project is a joint effort with producer Marz Mello and captures a mellow vibe with its laid back production. As the title claims, jazz is featured throughout the eight track album and utilized in a way that relaxes you. Thanks to this vibe you’re able to fully grasp the lyrical content that Stalin has put together.

This project sees a multitude of different topics being discussed, one that is rare for a recording artist to speak on. Hip-hop is a genre that focuses on wealth and having lots of money. It’s not often you hear an artist speaking on 9-5 situations but Stalin tackles this subject on “PlanetWorth”. This record details the cycle of being a consumer and a worker, using Wal-Mart and customer service jobs as the foundation. It’s fun to hear lyrically and his verses will make you doubleback once you realize we’ve all been in this predicament at a former or current job.

May marks one year of living in Orlando, FL for me and it’s been a fun time so far. I’ve gotten to experience the local hip-hop scene and I’m excited to do more this year. Shinobi Stalin keeps it real with artists living in Orlando on “Frozen”, most notably on the final verse. The sinister strings from Mello give off the vibe of a dimly lit bar as Stalin sits on a stool with a cigarette in one hand and a whiskey in the other. His subject matter isn’t being used to take shots at any artist in particular, but it’s more of a reminder that the scene is competitive and he wants to help make it better than what it is right now.

With only eight records this is a fast spin and it’s a good one. The production doesn’t waver and shows a solid chemistry between Shinobi Stalin and Marz Mello. The latter lives up to his name for his production, not straying too far from his sound but doing his part to make this a quality sounding project. Lyrical content is not sacrificed, a factor that many artists are quick to give up in order to get their music heard. Scumbag Jazz #1 An Exercise In Patience lives up to its name on both ends and shows that you don’t have to rush your music in order to be discovered.

Flame Emoji Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Purchase Scumbag Jazz #1 An Exercise In Patience: iTunes | Bandcamp | Google Play

Shinobi Stalin on social media: Twitter | Instagram

Marz Mello on social media: Twitter

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