Adam Reverie’s “Passion” For Hip-Hop Is On Full Display With New Single


You have to be passionate about something to put so much time and energy into it every single day. When I worked in radio I loved it because it was a passion of mine. I was working in a field that started as a hobby my freshman year of college. I never imagined it would transpire to taking me across state lines and be my career. The same thing happened for me when I began working in social media last year. I got that same feeling I did with radio because it’s something I’m passionate about.

Detroit’s Adam Reverie is passionate about lyrics and music. Last fall he returned with his amazing Soul Ties EP that acted as a spring board for the success he’s achieving as of late. Rev took some time off, regrouped, and came back with an even better record that is being used to setup his next project.

“Passion” is produced by Clyde Strokes and is Reverie’s statement to the world that you can still make a catchy record with nothing but bars. He leads the strings and bass on a high speed chase, starting the record playing along with their melody before going berserk towards the end. The best part of this record addresses artists who fabricate their lifestyle just to sell records.


“I seen a trap rapper choose to sell crack just to sell raps bout how he sold crack from his backpack while his momma took a nap nap way in the back back of his middle class home that he chose to call a trap”




Reverie discusses a lot in under three minutes, making you go back and listen repeatedly to digest everything he’s preaching. It’s a great sermon in the form of music. I got a sneak peak at some of Rev’s album and he’s on another level right now. I’m comfortable in saying that Adam Reverie is a name you will know by the end of this year.


Adam Reveries on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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