In Honor Of My Birthday, See. Francis & Friends Allow Me To Premiere “F**k With Her”


As a kid you think turning 30 make you older than dirt. You begin thinking of all the things you want to accomplish before you get older and that you HAVE to do them before a certain time. At least that was my thought process as a child. I turned 30 today and in my early 20’s I still thought that was old. Now I’m beginning to see that this is just the beginning. I don’t have everything figured out and I don’t think most people my age or older than me have things figured out either. I know what makes me happy though and turning 30 has helped me ease into maintaining that happiness.

I’ve been a fan of See. Francis’ work since his Fiat Lux project hit my inbox a few years ago. He was teasing his friends dropping a new single that he’s featured on and it sounded amazing to me. We chopped it up and he sprung the idea of premiering the single on my site for my birthday. Happy Birthday from me to me (and you). Francis isn’t the only person in tow so don’t let me overshadow this amazing crew of guests that helped create this single. Produced by The Gria Bros, “F**k With Her” features. L.B. on the hook, Chad Piff on the first verse, Mikee Mula on the third verse, and Francis with the second verse and doing some singing in the background.

L.B. (Gria Bros)


Chad Piff


The song uses synths and auto-tune to create a melody that’s hard to not hum along to after listening. “F**k With Her” details the love for bad girls but the lyrics can make you see the portrayal of the woman each artist talks about as a vice (drugs, alcohol, violence) while you’re listening. The record is a great warm-up for your weekend activities, something that you can toss on your playlist to get excited for a night of celebration.

Mikee Mula

Connect with each artist on social media:

See. Francis: Twitter | Instagram

Chad Piff: Twitter

L.B.: Twitter

Mikee Mula: Twitter


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