Amoré King Attempts To Create Greatness On “Valentine’s Day Jordan” Album



  • “Questions”
  • “In The Moment”
  • “Fall Thru” feat. Brute Life


Greatness isn’t something that you’re born with. To me, greatness is an achievement. Greatness is something that comes to you after years of grinding and working hard on your craft. It is something that many strive for and few achieve. You have to dedicate yourself to being great. If that means not taking weekends off to perfect your work, then you must do it. If that means missing a party to throw up 1,000 jump shots, then you must do it. Many artists aren’t willing to sacrifice their free time to achieve the greatness they say they want to have. We live in a society that is more about faking it and presenting yourself in a way that only shows the spoils of success, not the hard work and years of blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to make something great.


Amoré King should know a thing or two about greatness. The aspiring singer/rapper hails from the same city that gave us the greatness of Muhammed Ali: Louisville, KY. King has been practicing his craft for some time and all of that work has been put into his latest project, Valentine’s Day Jordan. Anything that incorporates the name of Michael Jordan should only make you expect the best out of a person. For King this album is an attempt at that but needs some more work from the court.


King’s songwriting is good throughout the project but some songs lack enthusiasm when listening. “Cloud Nine High” is an example of this, with the production not hitting the mark and featured singer Sharnya Duncan sounding uninspired on the chorus. This is prefaced by the intro, “Questions”, a song that is a strong lead for a project like this one. The production hits hard but has just enough R&B influence to not make it too hard.


The standout moment of Valentine’s Day Jordan is the first single, “In The Moment”. This record has radio potential with it’s catchy hook and melody while the production does the same thing to pull you in. If you’re looking to add something for your weekend celebration playlist, “In The Moment” would be a fantastic play. The second half of the project picks up and has quite a bit of replay value, most notably with “In The Moment” and “Fall Thru” feat. Brute Life. King shows a smooth side all throughout this song and the hook is not only fun but you’ll be singing it out loud and wonder why it’s stuck in your head.

It’s not on par with the greatness that King used to title the project but Valentine’s Day Jordan has some quality moments that will mesmerize you when listening. Amoré King shows great potential as he’s a good song writer and that is a key strength when trying to make it in the music industry. Find a couple of songs you like and add them to your playlist as this is an artist to keep an eye on for the future.


Flame Emoji Raiting: 🔥🔥🔥

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Amoré King on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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