Mave Turns His Latest Music Video Into An Informercial For “Crowned Royal”


We’ve all been in this scenario: it’s 4am, you can’t sleep, and the only thing on TV are infomercials. When I was a kid we didn’t have cable at my mom’s house so I grew too familiar with infomercials waiting on football to start on Sunday’s (my mom still doesn’t have cable to this day). Infomercials are notorious for being cheesy and Orlando’s Mave doesn’t skimp on that part in the video for his “Crowned Royal” single.

I didn’t discover the smooth and delicious taste of Crown Royal until my mid-20’s. Before then I thought I was Russian and only drank Vodka (these are dark times in my youth, don’t judge me). Mave spins what appears to be his favorite choice of liquor into a song about greatness. For the life of me, I’ve never understood why Crown Royal comes in a bag and Mave acknowledges this in the first few seconds of his video, as the infomercial host calls it the “purple mystery bag”.


Upon the “purple mystery bag” being opened, it is unveiled that Mave and featured artist Truly Def are inside with their dope rhymes. The production for “Crowned Royal” was provided by MANGO, giving you the same smooth feeling you get when you take a sip of Crown after a long day at the office. This is one of my favorites from Mave’s Retrospket project that was released just days before the calendar flipped to 2017.



The video comes to life thanks to the directorial genius of Brill Adium. “Crowned Royal” makes you feel as if you’re the one actually watching the infomercial and will have you looking for the phone to buy into what Mave and Truly Def are selling in the “purple mystery bag”. I’m always looking for artists to push the envelope with their videos and this is by far one of the most creative videos I’ve had the pleasure of watching all 2017.


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Brill Adium on social media: Twitter


Retrospket Stream & Purchase: Spotify | Tidal | iTunes


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