Brooklyn West Keeps It Simple When Reminiscing In The “I Remember” Video


Looking at your past can be a good and bad thing. Humans love to live in the past and talk about what they have achieved over the years. We lose focus on the goals we’ve set for ourselves if we do this too often. Reminiscing about good times is a different story. There has to be a fine balance between living in the past and celebrating it.

Earlier this month Bahamian artist Brooklyn West released her long awaited EP R69M. The project takes you on a trip through a romantic weekend of passion, love, and drugs all happening in one place. West, the subject of my artist rebranding piece, has given me the honor of premiering her video for “I Remember”. This is a track that takes us through the mind of West as she reminisces on her “first time” with a special woman.


“I Remember” is directed by Christopher Macken and he keeps it simple. West is the only subject in this video but timely visual effects around her lyrics make for subtle gems you’ll see throughout the song. We’re treated to West’s thoughts and how these make her feel throughout the video. There are instances where she’s elated and times where she’s somber as she reflects on the passion that once was between her and her flame.


Simple videos can still be creative. West and Macken have done a stellar job of showing how a simple idea can still get the concept of the song and video across to an audience. If you’re in the New York area next week, make sure to catch Brooky in Harlem at “Late Nights At The Shrine”. Details on the flyer below.



Brooklyn West Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

R69M Stream: Apple | Soundcloud | Spotify | Tidal


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