Adam Reverie’s Hunger To Win Is On Full Display In The “Passion” Video


When you’re focused, no one can beat you at the thing you’re passionate about. If you feel defeated you go back and you keep working on the weaknesses you find in your game to make sure the next time you play that you’re not going to be beaten. I was never on the basketball team but I loved playing pickup games. Any time I would play bad in one I would go home and shoot jumpers practice whatever it was that let me down in the game. It was the same situation when I started my radio career and my writing career. We need more passionate people in the world.

A couple weeks back Detroit’s Adam Reverie released a MONSTER single with his new record, “Passion”. With melodic yet tempting production from Clyde Strokes, Rev let loose a lyrical assault on the industry. Nobody was safe from the wrath of Rev: Desiigner haters, kids who rap about drugs just to rap, no one. This was Rev’s first release since his Soul Ties EP in August 2016. Today we get to see Rev’s hunger on full display in video form in the JHMF Premiere of “Passion”.


“Passion” is directed by The Uprising Network, along with Reverie, and they do a fantastic job of showcasing Reverie’s hunger and how passionate he is on the microphone. We’re shown aerial shots of what appears to be the remains of an old apartment building while Rev flosses and shows off a more fun and energetic side. He does remain serious though, showing no matter how friendly he may be that you’re still not his equal in the rhyming department.


If you’re digging what Adam Reverie is doing right now then you should keep paying attention. He has a full slate of great things lined up for the rest of this year so enjoy “Passion” and be on the lookout for more music in the coming months. The Adam Reverie takeover is just getting underway.


Adam Reverie Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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