Ddomineek Takes Us To His Childhood Home For The “In The Fields” Video


For those of you who didn’t have the luxury of growing up in the Midwest, I’ll share with you what a typical “fun” time is for those of us who did. On Friday night’s as a teenager the most popular thing to do is drive your car to a parking lot and hang out with your friends. This sometimes leads to partying but most likely your city isn’t big or you live in the sticks. Once you’re able to drink legally you have your choice of a handful of bars to drink away your sorrows of living in the country.

Living in the Midwest makes you humble. Many of us come from nothing and have to make a name for ourselves in order to survive. This story has been no different for Muncie, IN nativeĀ Ddomineek. The video we’re premiering today shows his childhood home in the beginning, a trailer that exists in a park that now appears to be a ghost town.


Dom created “In The Fields” to show just because you’re from a small place doesn’t mean you can’t have big aspirations. Production was provided by Zak Hendrix, a beat that is a cross of boom-bap and something a West Coast artist would hop on in a flash. The video, directed by Trajik, takes us around his old neighborhood, full of three lane highways, trailers, old gas stations, and of course, fields. Speaking to Dom about this video, he told me that the gas station in the video is the first place that he ever stole anything as a child. He went to great lengths to complete this video as he can be seen rhyming from the turning lane with cars passing him throughout the video.


“In The Fields” explores more than growing up in a small Indiana town. Dom speaks about depression and what kind of toll it can take on a person, a theme that was used to create his upcoming project. Dom was isolated for much of the creation process of his new music which helped him navigate these ideas and create something many will be able to relate to on a personal level.


Ddomineek Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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