Mave Comes Alive On Your DVD Menu Options For His “Retrospket” Video


A couple weeks ago we witnessed one of the most creative videos of the year come to the site. This video became an early contender for “Video of the Year” in my eyes. It was one of those videos that made you go back multiple times to watch it, one that was full of fun and made you laugh with each viewing. Mave’s “Crowned Royal” with Truly Def is a video you need to watch if you haven’t already. Brill Adium, the director, is one of the most talented minds I’ve met since moving to Orlando a year ago.

Mave and Brill have teamed up once again and may have outdone themselves with this new video for the title track from Mave’s latest project. We’re treated to a laid back record from Mave as he recalls past sins and lays down the framework for the sound of Retrospket.


I love the record and think it’s a great intro but I’m more intrigued by the video. Brill ups the ante on his own work with this one as we’re shown the video through the selection screen of a DVD. As the song goes along we get to examine different menus of the DVD before being treated to a trailer for another artist’s music. The best part of hearing and seeing some of Masta Thom’s track is this song was playing in the back of Mave’s “Crowned Royal” video too. The continuity of this being spread into multiple videos is awesome and shows attention to detail from everyone involved. I’m excited to hear more from Masta Thom and to see even more from this creative duo known as Mave & Brill.


Mave on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Brill on social media:  Twitter | Instagram

Retrospket stream: Apple | Spotify | Tidal


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