Deezy Da Duce Remains “Focused” On His Dream Of Being A Hip-Hop Star


Having a dream is one thing but having the passion to obtain it is a separate issue. Many artists dream of rocking sold out shows, having fans adore them, and making millions of dollars while creating music as their career. Most artists give up on these dreams, lacking motivation to put in the actual work it takes to secure the accolades they desperately want. This isn’t a shot at anyone, this is the reality of having a dream and going after that dream.

Beaumont, TX’s Deezy Da Duce is an artist that has the hunger and determination to achieve his dream of being a star in hip-hop. His Who Better? mixtape, hosted by DJ Spacecity & Kris M. Fonzarelli III, was released last year and Deezy has continued to push the project through many different avenues. I see artists give up on a project after a couple of weeks and move on to the next thing. To see Deezy continuing to push this mixtape with videos shows that he’s determined and no one can stop him.



“Focused” is the title track to Who Better? and is produced by Chase Racc$. It’s a strong way to intro a project and the video serves as a way to understand Deezy’s state of mind (the video is directed by Trill Art). We see Deezy starting his day with shots of him rhyming the song while walking in the dark. At the end we learn that Deezy is focused on the money as he puts on a mask and has his “tool” handy for what he’s about to do next.

I think it takes a lot out of you chasing a dream. The reason you dream about something is because it makes your current reality feel much better if it’s not going well. You may hate your job or your current situation but a dream can make you swallow your pride and deal with it until it begins falling into place. Hard work, dedication, and focus do pay off in the long run if you have patience. Deezy Da Duce is showing that exact focus with his music and is someone you should pay attention to right now.


Deezy Da Duce social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Who Better? stream: Apple | Datpiff | Soundcloud


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