Baegod & Sbvce Destroy Earth To Create Their Own With “Ruin The World”


Creating a world is every creative person’s dream. The example I love to think about is Stan Lee and how he’s created this universe that we all adore over the years. I flock to Marvel movies and immerse myself in this world because of nostalgia and it’s a fun escape from reality. While Mr. Lee’s world sees terror with heroes coming to save it, our own reality doesn’t have these same heroes although we have villains everywhere. Sometimes it makes you wonder if just blowing things up and restarting would be better than trying to fix everything.

Love helps to fix these thoughts, though. Love is arguably the most powerful thing in the world and is the subject of one of the latest releases from duo/couple Baegod and Sbvce. “Ruin The World” is cinematic in sound, feeling like the hero coming to save the day in one of Marvel’s comic book blockbusters.


The inventors of the “Bedroom Trap” genre trade vocals and harmonies about what their love could do if it were to be halted. Sbvce’s singing complements Baegod’s soft voice, making it feel like we’re being included on an intimate moment between the lovers. The duo aren’t just artists though: they engineered, mixed, and mastered this record and even did the artwork.


“Ruin The World” is one of the first releases from the duo’s upcoming Ride or Die mixtape. Their genre bending sound stands out to many in their network and is noticeable to anyone who is just discovering their music. This is what love would sound like in a century that we won’t be alive to see.


Baegod social media: Twitter | Instagram

Sbvce social media: Twitter | Instagram


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