“The Triptych” EP Is The Reason I Still Haven’t Heard T-Wayne


If you’re a fan of this site or follow me on Twitter you know how much I speak on supporting your friends. When I see my friends doing great things and not receiving the support I think it deserves, I go into overdrive mode. I begin asking what I can do to help and anything I can to help keep their confidence up. If you’re friends with me, I’m going to be one of your biggest cheerleaders when you keep releasing quality content.

Last week T-Pain posted a picture on social media showing at what could have been with an actual collaboration project with Lil’ Wayne. We were teased for years about a T-Wayne project with the duo featuring together on plenty of hit records. Then all of a sudden, T-Pain blessed us with eight tracks of what I can only assume to be fire. The reason I don’t know if they’re good or not yet? I can’t stop listening to The Triptych EP from K1NG ELJAY, Richard Danieland Mel. Crozby.

K1NG ELJAY in the studio

The Triptych came to life after the “Humility?” record they released along with D GutSrS Blu, and TwentyEight Flavors last month. Throughout the three track, 20 minute project you’re introduced to a wide range of bars, punchlines, and flows from everyone involved. Samples are abundant from TDE (“Expr3ssionless” features ScHoolboy Q tracks and “Humility?” is a flip of Kendrick’s “Humble”). The EP is fun yet dives into personal matters for each artist. On “Duality” Daniel tells a story about playing his music for his older brother and the joy he received from the experience while ELJAY is worried that his CLVRFLD monster that he created isn’t actually dead. This plays into the continuity of his last project and hints at a possible return to this style from him in the future.


I’m not the type of person to be a “yes” man for my friends and people I support. As you can see, it has become more difficult to get a post on the site lately. I only want to highlight the great artists and those who have quality music instead of trying to do 70 posts in a month. ELJAY, Daniel, and Crozby earned this post and I’m happy to say I still haven’t heard a project I had waited years to hear because of this three track EP.


K1NG ELJAY social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Richard Daniel social media: Twitter | Instagram

Mel. Crozby social media: Twitter | Instagram


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