Creative Videos Only 6/1/17


No excuses. I’ve been slacking on the site because I’m wearing more than one hat these days. I apologize to everyone who has sent me music over the last couple of months but I’m getting back in a groove so please be patient with me.

As you know I’ve challenged artists to make videos that go beyond just standing in front of a camera in 2017. I want to see your song be brought to life with a visual that is going to stick with an audience and make them say, “wow that was AMAZING”. A couple of great examples have come from Orlando’s Mave and director Brill Adium as they’ve pushed the boundaries of imagination for “Crowned Royal” and “Retrospket”, respectively. I’ve seen quite a few videos in my email over the last that fit this criteria and I wanted to highlight them to kick off the month of June. Below you’ll find five of the best videos put together by indie artists and directors.

D. Green


NY’s D. Green uses his platform to address racial injustice, oppression, and more with his “As Far As I See” record. Featuring singer EE Beyond, Green uses the video as a vehicle to show that the world is better off when people are kind and show love as opposed to spreading hate (as heard by our President in the opening scenes). I love the symbolism this video provides and I hope it sparks a dialogue for those who don’t believe that racism and oppression of minorities doesn’t exist in 2017.


Sean C. Johnson


This is by far my favorite video because it speaks to relationships and society in the social media generation. Sean C. Johnson’s video for “Save Me” documents the stages of love via social media. You have the initial meeting online, how it goes to texting and phone conversations, then real life engagement, all before crumbling at the end so the cycle can repeat. The graphics and detail in this video are some of the best you will see for all of this year.




Ohio’s Xzela ends up on the opposite end of the spectrum for sound on this list. Her soothing voice mixed with the guitar melody produced by L.A. Chase shows a stripped down style for her (and in the video as well). Xzela sings about love, learning to love herself, all while painting vivid pictures lyrically and physically.


Deezie Brown


I love songs that incorporate a story for more than one video. It allows for a visual story that helps bring each song to life. While “ANNA” from Deezie Brown is vague, it sets up the next chapter of the short film that this will be apart of. The chorus is catchy and we revisit the popular “Vice City” flow that TDE used a couple years back as Deezie embarks on a trek that ends in despair…for now.


MC Bravado


MC Bravado’s “Dead Man’s Dream” is a song and video that highlights the relationship between him and his father. Throughout the video we hear stories from Bravado’s dad about what it’s like to be a father, his relationship with Bravado’s grandfather, and more. “Dead Man’s Dream” will make you call your father figure and tell him how much you appreciate him after watching this video.


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