5 Songs That I Have On Repeat This Week


At least once a week I try to sit down and sort through the plethora of emails that hit my inbox every day. It used to give me anxiety to see that my inbox was cluttered and piling up. I felt if I didn’t open every email and listen to every song then I was failing as a writer in support of indie hip-hop. Growth is a funny thing, though. Now I don’t get frantic when I see emails sitting there. I know that quality is better than quantity and if I can help in that regard I would rather do that then to push myself to the point of stress (which I’ve done in the past because I’m that type of person).

This week I was able to sit down and sift through my inbox to find some GEMS. It takes quite a bit to impress me musically; part of me wonders if I’m a music snob but then I turn up Future to ignorant levels to drown those thoughts out. I found five songs on the indie circuit that I’m going to be playing on repeat for quite some time. I decided to share them with you below. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

Pope Adrian Bless


It’s no secret how much of a Pope Adrian Bless fan that I am. Pope’s Eastern Conference is among my most played in my Tidal account and he continues to release quality material, making music for himself now. “Celebrate” is his first release since EC, produced by Wildstyle, and something I describe as “pop-trap”. The bass lines are full trap music but the outside sounds and instruments feel more pop than anything. Pope does a lot more harmonizing on this one and it’s a lane that I’m happy to see him occupying right now.


Adam Reverie


Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “Joe just does these posts to post about his friends music”. Well, it’s not like that. While I’ve crafted friendships with artists from my site, I don’t play favorites. I only like posting music that is great and I will tell my friends if it’s lacking. With that being said, Adam Reverie doesn’t make bad music. Like ever. I have never heard a bad song from Detroit’s hottest MC. “HUNGER” sees Rev going in for 80 seconds over another solid instrumental from Clyde Strokes. If you thought “PASSION’ was hard, “HUNGER” showcases the title in his tone and lyrical content.


Kris Tru


In the span of about 15 months, South Carolina’s Kris Tru released three quality albums: 2015’s WTFKT, and a pair of albums in 2016 with Southan Comfort and Player’s Paradise. Since then Tru has kept quiet and worked on his craft, most notably working on his own mixing and engineer. From that we were gifted with his latest single, “HowULuvDat!”. Embracing his southern roots as always, Tru (who produced the track) tells us what he’s been up to lately over a beat that makes your head knock and think of what more Outkast & UGK tracks would sound like.




FKA Sunny D. Light, Washington’s ZAK. has rebranded and found his style. The singer/songwriter releases an alternative sounding track in the form of the Edeez Beats produced “On The Line”. In order to be successful in this industry, you have to be able to adjust to the lifestyle. Sacrifices will be made in order to obtain success and ZAK. does a great job of portraying what his would be with “On The Line”.



Bry Runnin Round Cover 2

When you’re in your 20’s, it’s never too early to start drinking. This is the beginning of a party anthem from Boston’s Bry and William Wallace. “Runnin’ Round” is a record that’s ready for summer shenanigans and house parties with its schizophrenic beat, produced by Shepard Sales. The chorus is fun and energetic, showcasing a playful side from the 21 year old.


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