TwonDon Celebrates Success & More With “Paradise Isn’t Free” EP + “Successful” Video


What is freedom to you? As an artist it could be wealth. Then you have the freedom to do anything you want in life. It could also be creativity. Many artists don’t want labels meddling with their music and choose to stay indie to have creative freedom with their work. As a creator, I understand the latter option. Being constrained and told what you can or can’t make stifles you creatively after a certain point. Without sacrifice there is no paradise though, which means you have to choose something to give up to obtain success.

TwonDon isn’t a name that you see or hear often when people talk about the rebirth of New York. He should be though and his latest EP Paradise Isn’t Free is proof that he belongs in this conversation. Twon’s creativity is shown throughout the seven track project, with features coming from Dessy HindsDJ Relly Rell and JAG. What makes him stand out is the video he released for the final track on the project, “Successful”.


As a kid you have big dreams and plans for your life. Rarely do those dreams ever transition to your adult life. For Twon he shows how he’s been ready for success in the music industry since he was a kid drinking Snapple. The video for “Successful” shows a much younger Twon writing rhymes and aspiring to be the MC he has become today. The visual of him as a child is intertwined with present day Twon, showing he hasn’t changed as a person after all of these years.


Would you be willing to sacrifice your creative freedom for success? Or would you rather love what you do and make enough to get by? These questions present themselves at your most trying times in life. For me it was in college when I chose to go down the path of media, knowing that Radio DJ’s don’t make much money. You have to ask yourself what is more important and once you figure out that paradise comes with a price tag, you can then begin to see who you really are as a person. Paradise Isn’t Free is a good look into the mind and soul of a young artist who wants to obtain his dream so bad. For Twon, paradise doesn’t have to be a choice but he’s willing to make sacrifices in order to make it happen.


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